WIP Wednesday – It’s All Good News

I finished all my little penny patches. Here are a few:

penny patches

But then I had some trouble matching up points when sewing blocks together.

trouble matching points


I tried double pinning the seams, but my sewing machine seemed to be pushing the layers of fabric forward at slightly different speeds. Since I’m going to need a walking foot for quilting anyway, I went ahead and ordered one. After a few minutes trying to attach it to the machine, I tried it and it works very well.

hamutaro block


And there was more good news! Rachel kindly sent me a very cute fabric basket that she had made. It’s the perfect size to put all of my sharp sewing stuff in, so that I can put it on a high shelf that my cats can’t reach. Thanks, Rachel! I received it after a bit of rough day, and it made my evening.

fabric basket


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – It’s All Good News

  1. That’s awesome that your walking foot helped with the piecing too! I was watching a video on Craftsy a week or two ago (I forget what class it was in!) and the sewist suggested sewing those seams opposite to the way people are usually taught to sew them – rather than having the seam allowance pressed so that it just goes straight under the presser foot smoothly, she does it so that if you’re not careful the presser foot would push it backwards and open things up – reason being, if your pieces shift, it’ll just push the seam allowances tighter together. And it really works – I’ve tried it out since – you just have to pay attention and make sure the seam allowance doesn’t get caught and move.

    Anyway, my walking foot is complete garbage (doesn’t work AT ALL just makes a lot of noise while doing exactly what my normal foot does), so I’m glad to hear your one has worked out so well.

    • I need to watch some of those Craftsy videos. They look really interesting. I pressed the seams open – it sounds like that trick might only work if seams are pressed to the side?

      Sorry your walking foot doesn’t work. It could be that it’s a machine-specific issue (I’m using a Janome 2212), or maybe I’m just doing something funky because I’m a beginner. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, that only works with seams to the side – I’m pretty back and forth on that one, sometimes I open them sometimes I don’t. So it’s only an intermittently useful suggestion πŸ˜€

        My issues with the walking foot really are specific to me – I have a junky old Kenmore that they don’t make a walking foot for, so I had to buy a generic one and it’s just not quite right. I don’t want to keep buying generics in hopes of finding one that will work, though – what would I do with those spare feet? Oh well… one of these years I’ll buy myself a new sewing machine (this one just keeps on working, so I can’t really justify a new one!) and hopefully that one will come with a proper walking foot.

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