Finish: Armadillo Pillow

Once upon a time, I cut a bunch of fabric for a quilt, but didn’t have enough space in my apartment to see the project through. Several years later, I saw Quilting on the Go and got sucked back into the quilting vortex. Luckily, I now have enough space to finish things.

This was a Christmas gift for my sister, who likes armadillos. So, I tracked down some armadillo fabric and some coordinating fabrics, and started hand-basting hexagons. Some of the fabrics have designs related to some of her interests: playing guitar, camping, photography. I hand-quilted the top using a waxed quilting cotton. The pattern suggested using pearl cotton, which in retrospect may have looked nicer.

I learned a ton of new skills on this project. It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy. Most importantly, my sister loves it!

Linking up to New to Me and TGIFF.


9 thoughts on “Finish: Armadillo Pillow

  1. I love that your cat has to be right in the middle of the action. My cat does the same thing. I don’t mind it most times but when I am cutting or basting it gets really tiring as I constantly have to mind her, albeit she gets hurt.

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