Works in Progress

Here’s what is currently in progress! I seem to have inadvertently listed them in descending order of enthusiasm. Linking to WIP Wednesday and the EPP Link Party.

  1. Super-secret English Paper Piecing (EPP) project
  2. Tiny Sewing Kit (pattern from Jessica Alexandrakis‘s EPP book, Quilting on the Go) – I don’t have a sewing kit or a pincushion! So this is fairly urgent to prevent sewing-needle-related injuries. Next step is to cut some more hexagon templates so that I can baste squares to them.
  3. Penny Patch quilt from a beginner’s quilt-along – I’m gathering fabrics for this project (my first quilt).
  4. Monk Cowl – knitted hood, which is about half an hour from being done. This is a stand-alone hood, because to my dismay, some coats don’t come with hoods attached!
  5. Dreambird shawl – I was working on this one night and thought I might have made a mistake. I put it down since I was tired, and haven’t gotten back to it since. The yarn I’m using doesn’t frog well. I need to take a fresh look at this and see if I can figure out where I left off.
  6. Sampler afghan – Started this project forever ago. Want to stitch together the blocks I have, and then probably donate the blanket to an animal shelter.
  7. Sock yarn blanket – Not sure whether to keep working on this or not.
  8. Cross stitch sampler – long way to go on this.

I’m hoping to get total WIPs down to five. Anything more than that starts to feel overwhelming. But, it seems like cute project ideas are everywhere!