Sunday Stash

Since I’m pretty new to quilting, I have an excuse to buy fabric. I need to build up my stash! Who could argue with that, right?

So here are the latest and greatest:

Moda 2wenty-Thr3e (tickets) and Lori Holt for Riley Blake – Polka Dot Stitches Collection – Doily in Grey

Road 15 in the “green pickle” colorway


linen labels and some cute freebies

I had to chuckle when I opened my package from China, and it contained a Chinese newspaper with an American basketball player on it.

poppy print from Jo Ann’s (out of print, I think) and linen Paris print

My mom jokingly threatened to steal the poppy print, so that will probably become part of a gift project for her.

more linen: French script, sweet kitties, shoes

I want to use the shoe print to make a mat for guests to put their shoes on. We don’t wear shoes in the house, and when people come over they always ask where to put their shoes. So, this would be the perfect spot.

Dowry charm pack

And my current favorite, Dowry. I want to make something that I can carry around at all times, so that I can look at that gorgeousness on demand!

Phew! I don’t need to buy any more for awhile. (At least until the next good sale….)

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Random Thursday

Tuesday night, I accidentally joined the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild.

I know next to nothing about quilting. But when I saw how well organized the group was, and how skilled and talented the members were, suddenly I was filling out the sign-up form. As amazing as well-made quilts look online, seeing them in person is even more impressive.

I’m not officially a member until 2014, but I already got free stuff! Three Riley Blake fat eighths, left over from a guild challenge. Of course, my cat had to inspect the merchandise.

Inspector Ashton, on the job.

Hopefully I won’t annoy the guild members with my newbie-ness. But, I’m sure to learn a lot.

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